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Back To School

Posted in Cable TV Contractor, CATV, CATV Contractor, Linemen, The Search on February 16, 2014 by LostPlanetLineman

Hello again,
Allot had happened Since I last wrote anything here.
I’ll fill ya in next time.
In the meantime, I decided to go back to school.
I’m going for GIS And Geo-Spatial mapping. I wanna specialize In Disaster Response And Recovery.
I’m half way there with What I’ve learned so far. Might as well get a little more knowledge….
Anyway, I’m gonna keep it short today.. I’ll be back soon with all the details of the last years or so…
Until next time, Quit looking at your feet…


Tuscaloosa, Alabama Disaster Recovery – 2011

Posted in Cable TV Contractor, CATV, CATV Contractor, Linemen on February 16, 2014 by LostPlanetLineman

Several weeks ago I was asked by an old friend who owns a CATV Contracting Company if I would be willing to come to Tuscaloosa, AL and run the Disaster Recovery project there for him. Having been outta work for entirely too long and looking forward to working with a friend that I trust, I jumped on it.

Having worked storm damage in the past, I didn’t think too much of what I was about to see….
The extent of the damage here is Biblical…!!!
I went to Ground Zero 4 days after 9-11. While that was the most destruction that I have ever seen, in Tuscaloosa the destruction was equal to that of the World Trade Center Complex, only it goes for MILES..!!!


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