Getting Older In Todays Cable TV Industry

Having been a LineDawg for 25 years now, I’ve seen a shit-boat full of people come and go in my Beloved Industry. I’ve seen big, bad-asses turn a funny shade of gray only 4 feet off the ground and the greenest rookies run up a pole like they’ve been hookin for years.

If you’ve been doin this for at least 15 years, then you probably were trained by a wild-ass Ole LineDawg.

These are the men I learned from. The Ole Dawg who trained me, “Hooks” Whipple, is one such old Dawg. He wasn’t wild in the classic sense, but he took absolutely no shit..!!! Especially from me…!!!

Two days ago, I had to keep my mouth shut while a fat tub of shit yelled and screamed at me in front of the men I am charged with Supervising.
Ten short years ago I would have beat the fat ass off him. But, instead, I chose to save my job. I gave him 1 chance to get a little excersize with me and, of course, he did nothing.

The point of all this babbling is back when Linemen were MEN and worked instead of crying about having to work people like BoBo didn’t last long enough to fuck up a set-up… They got the shit kicked outta them then got run off…

Why the fuck is it nowadays if you “thin out the herd” do people call the fucking police…???
Where is the PRIDE…???
Where is the HEART…???
Where is the HONOR…???

If you can shed a little light on this, drop a line here…


2 Responses to “Getting Older In Todays Cable TV Industry”

  1. Know exactly how you feel man. Seems that old school is out any more.. I consider myself an excellent lineman. It seems all companies look for now days is a driver’s license.. But yet they complain about production..

  2. First time here . Hello Everybody……Grim.

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