My Integrity Is NOT FOR SALE…!!!!

Yep,I’m bitchin again….
Why is it that alot of very successful contractors are owned by dishonest shitheads…???
Believe me, I’ve been around long enough to know damn near every dirty trick there is to rip off a company.

And you can believe this too: I never have and I never will…!!!!!

I’d rather be fucking broke than sell my integrity out for a few bucks.

If ya dig that, cool…..If ya don’t, then fuck you…!!!


One Response to “My Integrity Is NOT FOR SALE…!!!!”

  1. I think things are looking for our industry as prices rise and FRRH projects create competiton, so Lrt’s keep our fingers crossed. We are a dying bread but there are a few of us left and a few wanting to replace us.

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