The “Lost Years”

One day I looked up and noticed I had been on the road for 10 years.


In motel rooms, bars and on telephone poles.

Not on the job, but on the road..!!

Wait a second….. Where did it go…??

I mean, the last 10 years..!! WHERE DID THEY GO…!!! I had ’em not long ago… Seems like just a few months ago I put that rusty old set of Buckingham hooks on for the 1st time.

Where did the last 1/2 of my 20’s and 1st 1/2 of my 30’s disappear to…???

I know they’re here somewhere….

I got off the plane at 9pm. It was 108 degrees in Phoenix, AZ. At 9 at night…!!!

I remember thinking “don’t things die in this kinda heat..??”

But after a while I noticed all the living people walking around.

In the heat.

This absolutely, unbelievable, African Hot HEAT..!!!

Couldn’t be all that bad. Just HOT…!!!!

I love when people say: “Oh, it’s OK…It’s a dry heat.”

Yeah, so is a Pizza Oven. Ya don’t see me playing in one of them, do ya…..????

It took me 3 years to quit wincing every time I’d go outside in the Summer Heat…..

Actually, I grew fond of Phoenix. I really liked it here. It’s a pretty clean town. Especially where I lived when I 1st got here on the East Side in Gilbert. You can tell that there is money everywhere…

I like the desert anyway. Also, being an American history buff (and avid John Wayne fan) the Old Wild West in particular, sure made this a blast of a place to be. There’s loads of things to see and do.

Ghost Towns,

Mountains & Canyons,

Lakes & Rivers,

The Grand Canyon,

Year-Round Riding weather,

Year-Round Softball,

Over 300 days per year of sunshine,

Girls don’t wear much…..

What the else do ya need…??

Besides, I can carry my .40 cal here and not have to worry about hiding it.

Now, I can carry it concealed. They made it legal to carry a weapon without a CCW. Arizona is now 1 of only 4 states to not require a CCW to carry a concealed weapon.

Harleys, Guns and year-round riding weather. Things a guy can use.

Gotta love the Wild, Wild West.

In ’96 I had nailed a job as a Construction Supervisor with InSight Cable in Gilbert, AZ. This was my 1st In-House job. Great gig, but too political. Not for me. I’ve gotta be outside where the Crews are.

I worked at InSight for about 6 months when Keith, the Construction Manager, resigned and went full-time with his Engineering and Design Company.
He was the guy that hired me as the new Construction Supervisor. My interview was, to this day, the coolest interview I’ve ever had. We talked about music, (we are both musicians) the Cable Industry and all kindsa stuff. Of course, we went over my qualifications, but for the most part, it was pretty laid back.

I was happy for Keith. If anyone was gonna make it big somehow, it would be Keith.

Not only does this guy know his business, but he is the most honest man I’ve ever met. A rare thing, indeed, in this business. But, I was bummed out too. He was pretty much my only real friend there at InSight. While we got alot done, we also laughed our asses off all day long.

Especially if we could mess with the GM, Dave…

When Keith left InSight, I also went on my own. I started doing alotta Field Engineering. As-Builts, Strand-Mapping, City Permits. Whatever. If it had to do with Utility Mapping of any kind, I could do it…..

And so I did….. And I still do to this day…….When the work is available….
Digital Mapping And Permitting Services
More to come…..



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