The State Of Our Industry

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything here, so I thought I’d scribble a line or 2…

I’m sure like a lot of other CATV people out there, I’m goin through a helluva time finding work.
See, I’m a Contractor. Either as a Construction Supervisor, Manager or Field Engineer.
The thought of working In-House just doesn’t appeal to me very much.
Too political.
Too worried about appearances.
Too willing to kiss an ass or 2.
It’s just not an environment that I’m all that comfy in.

My hair is a bit long, I’ve got some ink on me and I am very much an Old-School LineDawg..!! I do what I have to at work to not look too wild, but with 25 years in the biz, it’s a little tough to change my ways now.
I know my business and I’ve been told I’m good at what I do.
I also love what I do.

It seems that a lot of Contractors and just about all of the MSO’s are tightening things up to where it’s become difficult for a lotta guys like me to find a good job.

Some of us have a “Colorful” past. That doesn’t mean we don’t know our business…. It also doesn’t mean that we still act the way we did years ago.
We just had a little more fun than most. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve seen it happen more than once where an MSO needed to turn to those of us with less than perfect pasts to fix what their squeeky clean “Linemen” tore up…..

I sincerely hope that those of you who are managers at an MSO or Contractor would consider a man’s integrity, talents and present state before you shoot him down for things that took place years or decades ago…..
You just might find yourself a loyal and talented employee……

For those of you who are curious, go to: to get an idea of my experience. You can also have a look at:

If ya really wanna know who I am, go to: for a good read. But careful with this one, it’s NOT for the faint of heart..!!!

Anyway, my search still continues for a Cable TV/Utility Contractor that is honest, has a good work-load and whose management is well versed in their fields of endevour….

As usual, I’ll keep ya posted on the the “Life & Times” of this CATV Lineman….

One Response to “The State Of Our Industry”

  1. Alright, I’ve got questions:
    I’m gonna be 50 years old in a week or so. I’ve been in Cable TV Construction since 1986.

    Came up the old fashioned way… As a Grunt on a strand crew, became a lineman, (or so I thought…It was actually a few years later before I realized I was finally a “Hook”) then foreman…

    You know the routine…..

    I’m running a job now that is populated with youngsters. I have no problem with young people, shit, I used to be one.. It’s just now there doesn’t seem to be the same work ethics that I came up with.

    If I, or anyone I worked with back then, ever put out the same shit quality work back then or sniveled the way most of these little turds do today they would’ve been run off in a second. If not had there ass beat to shit first.

    I realize that if we treated grunts and young hooks the way we were treated back then, we’d be up on charges…!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, shit, it weeded out the weak ones…..

    I know, I know…Times have changed…. But has the human spirit taken a shit while I was catching a nap..??? No matter how tired, sore, wet, hot or cold I was, I was fucking PROUD to be a LINEMAN in the CATV Industry. And I did my job!!!
    Whatever it took to get the job done…!!!

    Don’t get me wrong here, we partied like Rock Stars. I damn sure ain’t no angel. But I’m honest.

    Now all I see is these little whining “It’s All About ME!!” fags that have absolutely no pride in their craft.
    Not all of them, but most I’ve seen…..

    The man I work for has been in the biz longer than my 25 years. I have a great deal of respect for Bob. Tonite he told me to wake up and realize that the world has changed. I still want to believe that there are still MEN out there that are honest, have a good work ethic and have pride in what they do….

    I have to know if I am right or wrong….

    What do you think…???


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